Miniature Calendar: a whole world in miniature

Have you ever wondered what a miniature world would look like? What would it be like to get lost in the lawn, walk among books or live in worlds built by small objects? Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover such a scenario every day? Tatsuya Tanaka makes it possible in a great way!

 Source: Tatsuya Tanaka (MINIATURE CALENDAR)

Source: Tatsuya Tanaka (MINIATURE CALENDAR)

Simple elements like vegetables on a plate, books, packaging, office supplies and other everyday objects give life to these wonderful worlds. Tanaka emphasizes the characteristics of these objects in a subtle but powerful way, giving them a new life, thus building a new perspective that he later shares with the viewer.

As if it were a museum of curiosities, taking a look at his Instagram gallery is a real delight that awakes obsession and invites to look up for the smallest detail on each image. It's fun to see objects in a completely different context. Probably our imagination had already seen a new face in some of them, but many others are rediscovered in ways we haven't imagined through Tanaka's eyes.

On his website, his collection is shared on a small calendar. A new scene every day, in which situations can contrast one from the another. It may be exactly that, what makes it even more interesting. Every day is perfect to make a new discovery and to stay updated. The best recommendation may be to follow his Instagram account and occasionally visit the "Miniature Calendar" on his site.

We live in a universe where relativity is remarkable and in which scale is an important factor in testing our perception. Tanaka is aware of it and gets to work letting his imagination flow and then share it with the world. This is how he uses various objects and elements to present us daily, tiny, wonderful scenes. Maybe that's exactly what makes them so exciting, raising the curiosity of every viewer.

This project was started by the reflection of how some objects that we see daily seem to assimilate to others in the human scale. Such is the case of the broccoli that resembles a forest or the leaves that float on the water resembling boats. This is how Tanaka relates where the inspiration for this project comes from. The inspiration that he keeps alive with implacable engagement.

A calendar is definitely a great idea to share daily scenes. And what a better name to share these tiny images than "Miniature Calendar". That's how this project is called in which Tanaka publishes a "little world" every day and collects them into the boxes of a calendar, all with the aim that "the viewer can add a little enjoyment to his everyday life " as described by himself.

When looking at these images it's almost impossible not to imagine being part of the scene and to confirm how well the objects used to each situation are adapted. In addition to being a project that invites to reflection and reaffirms that there is no daily situation that does not contain something wonderful in it. Sometimes it just needs someone to remind us it. And in this case, it's the artist's perspective what makes it even more special. "You can see how things can become more fun when imagined in a different way..." Tanaka says in an interview for the designboom's blog.

"You can see how things can become more fun when imagined in a different way ..."

"Miniature Calendar" is a great example of how a little of creativity and, of course, love for what you do can make a small difference that influences our world positively. It only requires adding natural passion and initiative.

These are some of my favorites: