Inspiration is connection: A world inspires us!


Inspiration is not admiration! The first is action and the second contemplation. Although sometimes one becomes the other and vice versa. They are two different approaches. If we want inspiration to welcome us we need to welcome it first. We have to adopt it and create that special connection.


We create connections all the time and every moment. All of them are important in some way. Connections are everywhere and in every aspect of our lives including our creative side in which they have a privileged place. They can be spontaneous and even unilateral, but also premeditated and reciprocal. In spite of this, it doesn't need a commitment, probably due to the particular origin of these inspirational episodes, which are the product of the casualty and of being in the right place and the right moment. They usually surprise us at the least expected instant and with a little luck they'll remain to become part of our life. Not all those connections need an agreement. Some of them arise simply by chance and remain a lifetime. This is how a connection emerges and turns into the source of our creativity.

Inspiration and experiences are accumulated, archived and stay accessible, waiting for the perfect stimulus to help you regain your strength in order to generate a creative spark but without success guarantee. Even so, it is important not to forget the constancy required to look inside that file, otherwise, there is the risk of being forgotten. Inspiration may be intangible, but it continues manifesting in new and diverse forms. Frequently it takes just a little time and patience to start slowly settling into a solid diamond.


Although casualty plays an important role, only a moment is enough to discover the special link. From looking away to the horizon to an unconventional search on the Internet. It can be the beginning of a path into creation or simply a piece of the puzzle of something bigger. Just a second in which we divert attention and nothing else!

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." - Thomas Alva Edison

Inspiration is not a topic for philosophers or eccentric artists, or at least not exclusively. It's enough to be human to experience it. It happens everywhere, in every moment and in every area. It engages in a thousand ways and indiscriminately transcends and influences. More than a way of understanding the world is an indispensable tool to create it. It is something like forming a chain in which each link transcends time and generations.


In conclusion: Inspiration is connection and connections are important! These are an important part of our creative life and build our world. They are moments that can be kept waiting to be rescued to become a success when the right context comes. That is why it is important to be sensible to our surroundings. Keeping the senses attentive waiting to discover it in the hope of finding the perfect combination of intention and luck. So don't hesitate to keep your eyes and senses open in order to discover that bond that awakens the inspiration that already lives in you!