A well deserved creative break


Rest and tranquility can be the key to reconnect with the beauty of the world and to appreciate it without haste, hurries and so many other things that invade our thoughts. It could sound to be a simple task, but it actually requires small actions and initiative.

Putting aside the routine and our daily issues could mean one of the biggest challenges. There is always something keeping our minds busy and just the idea of not to think of it seems to be a difficult task by itself. It isn't about leaving our "productive memory" blank or about being completely isolated from the world. It is more than enough to be 100% given to the moment and simply enjoy "the peace".

It is important to remember that creativity is in constant movement and for the machinery to continue to function optimally, we need to give it maintenance, which is very difficult to obtain with a running engine. The machine may keep producing uninterruptedly for a long time, but at some point, the consequences will come to light. The quality will certainly decrease at some point and the prolongation of renovation and reinvention periods run also the risk of extending, increasing probability of a bigger collapse.


In an interview for the American Scientific site, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang relates the importance of taking a break and clarifies that the concept "resting" does so alluding to a commitment to a restorative activity. He also points out that some of these activities may involve physical energy consumption, such as running several kilometers or climbing a mountain. These are still "restoration" activities, as they mean the interruption of a routine and work life.

Within the alternatives, we might consider visiting a new place. A new site which does not force our senses to pay attention to every detail and at the same time doesn't generate an obligatory association with our creative world. It is when we return to the routine when the lived experiences become memories and the nostalgia of such experiences have the potential to be transformed into productivity.


As we have seen so far, and even a little contradictory, taking a rest is also an important element in the creative world. As Pang explains, these activities do not have to be strictly a physical rest. It could also be another activity that we enjoy and takes the mind out of routine. The demanding rhythm with which we live our lives today seems not to leave us an instant to rest because productivity demands uninterrupted priority and anything else seems to be a pure waste of time. The important thing is to not forget to take some time to pause and use that time to enjoy other aspects of life and thus to recharge the energies that enhance our creativity.

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