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Some great things are the result of bad ideas. Aren't they?

The Creative Bad is a space to talk about everything and nothing. A site for unquestionable creativity and for  "the bad creative syndrome". But especially for imperfect creativity and insatiable inspiration.

Creativity is full of edges and corners. Still, it is satisfactory and always leaves a great sensation, despite not giving its best fruits and always carries with it the essence of inspiration.

The Creative Bad is a place for experiences and dreams; for thoughts converted into words, sighs, and strokes. A tribute to each of those moments in which we feel a fraud, but also to those ones which steal a smile. For those who collect inspiration, but also for those who offer it with full hands.

There are no bad ideas, only unripe fruits, and everything that looks like a hard nut can become a leafy tree if planted in the right place.

Be creative and never be ashamed to be a bad one!