About The Creative Bad


Inspiration, creativity, illustration, ideas and more...

Some great things are the result of bad ideas. Aren't they?

The Creative Bad is a personal non-profit project to share my creative and side projects with the creative community and experiment the "bad creative syndrome" as part of this little adventure in order to celebrate the imperfect and insatiable inspiration.

In this site you will find some of my illustrations as well as some post about "the creative world in little notes", where thoughts turn into words, sighs, and strokes. This is also a space to celebrate those moments in which we feel a fraud, but also those ones which make us smile.

This is intended to be shared with every creative soul who collect inspiration as well.

There are no bad ideas, only unripe fruits, and everything that looks like a hard nut can become a leafy tree if planted in the right place.

Be creative and never be ashamed to be a bad one!